When to sell on Football Index

It doesn’t matter what you trade in be it footballers, companies, currency or goodness knows what else, there is one thing that determines whether you’ll be successful – selling at the right time. In this article we’ll give you some guidance around knowing when to sell on Football Index.

Know your options

Before you understand when to sell on Football Index you’ll need to familiarise yourself with selling options, of which there are soon to be three.

Sell to market

This is the most common sale you will see. It simply means you flag your futures for sale at whatever the going rate is. If you’re the only trader attempting to sell then the next time someone buys shares in the said player then that money goes to you.

If, however, you join a sell queue i.e. several people are selling you have to wait until your futures reach the front of the queue. You do have the option to set a reserve price of your sale.

Instant sell

The instant sell is exactly what it sounds like. You can bail out on your futures immediately but we only recommend using it as a last resort. Yes, you can secure a sale in a matter of seconds but at a reduced value.

Realistically, the only time you’d look to use instant sell is if a player’s value was crashing and you had no option to sell to the market i.e. there would be no other traders wanting to buy the shares. Think retirement announcements or long term injuries/bans.

Order book

The order book is a recently announced update to the platform that goes live in the near future. Essentially, it’s a half-way house between market sell and instant sell. You can set a price that you’re willing to sell at and, on the flip side, traders can do the same with purchases.

Think of your reserve price on a market sell; in that scenario you’re waiting for the queue to clear until your futures reach the front. The order book gives you a chance to jump that queue providing others selling have a higher price in mind.

Now we’ll look at when to sell on Football Index

That’s how to sell, now we’ll get into when to sell on Football Index. You may have seen people before talking about missed opportunities. The common example is ‘I sold him at X and he’s now gone up to Y’. Our advice? Forget it.

In 99% of instances, our advice would be to set yourself a target percentage growth. When you get there, sell without regret. With regards to the percentage you choose, that’s up to you but don’t be afraid to alter it on different types of trade. For example, if a player is in the headlines and you think they’ll spike in price then you might opt for a lower percentage (say 10%) than someone who you think will flourish over the next two years (say 30%). In both scenarios, you’ll be doing alright.

We are not here to mislead you. You will have instances where players continue on an upward trajectory from the point of sale but this approach gives you a clean strategy and over time you’ll tighten up how far you’re comfortable to push the percentages. Now you’re ready to check out our tips page.

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