What is Football Index?

You’ve probably seen adverts. You’ve more than likely heard people talking about it but exactly what is Football Index?

Football Index is a ground breaking gambling platform that mimics the stock market. The key difference being that you invest your hard earned money into the football players as opposed to companies.

It really is as simple as that.

How to make money on Football Index

Let’s be up front and clear before diving into the specifics of how you make money on the index. It is a form of gambling. As with any bet, the money you lay down is at risk. The upside is you definitely can make money – and good money too.

You can grow your investment through any one of four ways – or any combination of the four. The first is simple, buy your shares (called futures on the Index) at X and sell when the price is Y. The other three methods of adding to your balance are through dividend pay outs.

Football Index offers three very different methods for winning through these channels. The first is a short-term option that is only valid for a 30 day period after the purchase of a share. It’s known as ‘In-play’ dividends. The other two dividends are valid throughout the lifetime of your hold i.e. you could win pay outs no matter how long you’ve held the player. Those dividends are referred to as ‘Media’ dividends and ‘Match Day’ dividends.

We have an article that explains dividends in more detail here (coming soon).

Is there anything to be aware of?

With anything, we believe it’s important to go into things with your eyes wide open. Football Index is an awesome platform that is gaining more and more market traction every day. It’s not 100% perfect though but the ‘issues’ shouldn’t stop you trading. Just be aware of them.


Firstly, when it comes to selling players you have two ways to do so. You can join a queue, which means you flag your futures for sale at a price you’re happy with. You then wait for another trader to buy. Your other option is to ‘instant sell’. This secures you a sale immediately but at a reduced price – in trading, this is known as the ‘spread’. It is simply the difference between the price you can buy at and the price you sell at.

Remember, every sale is subject to a 2% commission as well.

Talent spotting

The Index has over 3,000 players listed for purchase. Most of them ply their trade in Europe’s top five leagues and/or European competitions. If, however, you go on a talent scout outside of FI then it’s plausible a player won’t be listed.

It doesn’t mean they won’t ever be available though. You can log unlisted players via their forum and they are regularly adding players too. Just remember, when new players get added it’s done in batches. This attracts a lot of attention with people trying to make a quick buck so be confident in the longer term purchase.

How much cash do you need to start?

If you believe what you read on some sites then you’ll be put off with suggestions you need a huge bank balance to invest. That’s nonsense.

You can start with as little as a £10 deposit. Sure, you won’t turn yourself into a high flyer with that investment but you can still make steady gains. You can still enjoy it at that level too and there is nothing to stop you investing more as you grow more comfortable with the platform if you so wish.

At the time of writing, your initial deposit on sign up is protected with a seven day money back guarantee (up to £500). Of course, if you invest £10 to start with you don’t gain the maximum benefit of that protection but it’s your money. Beyond the first week, it will be at risk and you need to be safe in the knowledge that you’re investing at a level that is responsible for you.

How to sign up?

The sign up process is simple. Use this link and you’ll be taken straight to the registration screen on the Football Index website. The second page will contain a cell with what appears to be gobbledygook – don’t delete this, it’s the referral code.

Why you can trust us

Okay, we receive a small commission from Football Index when a new user signs up. This is based on the first deposit only. As you’ve read, we don’t try to push you into investing huge amounts at that stage nor do we lead you to believe you’ll become a millionaire. Whatever you do from your second deposit onwards is nothing to do with us – we won’t see a penny from Football Index.

That’s why we provide content that is clear, honest and informative. Faith in both our intentions and articles is the key to our long term existence.

On top of that, you can rest assured that our content will be available 100% free of charge. Forever. No sign up required.

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