What is a trixie bet?

When the majority of people start dipping their toes into the world of sports betting they quickly become familiar with things like single bets, accumulators and even the highly popular daily rolling accumulator. The truth is, those bet types are the tip of the iceberg with much more complex multiples available. Here we look at one of the more entry level multiple bets as we answer ‘what is a trixie bet?’

So, what is a trixie bet?

A trixie bet is a solitary bet placed by you i.e. the punter that predicts the outcome of three events, however, you can still receive a pay out from the bookmaker if one of your selections is wrong.

How is this possible we hear you cry! Well, you make one set of selections with the bookie but they essentially split your wager into four different pots. In a standard three selection bet you would need all of your selections to win. This is called a treble. With a trixie bet, you’re actually placing four bets:

A treble bet i.e. all three selections to win

And three doubles i.e. any combination of two selections winning

An example trixie

Right, we’ve established you effectively end up with four bets. In our example, we’re making the below three predictions.

Bournemouth to beat Millwall

Tottenham to win at Aston Villa

Arsenal to beat Crystal Palace

In a treble all three predictions have to come true to win. If one team loses your stake is gone. Now, with a trixie you actually place these bets:

A treble – Bournemouth, Tottenham and Arsenal to win

Double 1 – Bournemouth and Tottenham to win

Double 2 – Bournemouth and Arsenal to win

Double 3 – Tottenham and Arsenal to win

As you can see, if any one of these teams fail to win, we’d still win a bet. The reason is because one of our doubles would be successful. If all three teams win our bet wins in its entirety and we receive a pay out as if all four bets have been won. Happy days!

How do stakes and odds work with trixies?

The stake side is really easy to explain. Ordinarily, if you stake £1 then you risk £1. In a trixie you are placing four bets in one so your stake is multiplied by four i.e. a £1 stake becomes £4. Alternatively, if you only with to risk £1 then you would indicate a stake of 25p.

The other element to get your head around is the most important; how much do you stand to win? Well, as you’ve placed four bets this can become confusing. The best way to understand your potential returns is to split your bet into three parts:

None or one prediction comes true = £0.00 returns

The two predictions with the shortest odds come in but the other game loses = your lowest possible win

All three predictions are correct = your highest possible win

Of course, you’ll also have a couple of possible outcomes in between these returns but it gives you an idea of what you’re looking at. Where the monetary side comes into play is all based on your stake and odds.

Calculating the trixie returns

Most online bookies will only show you the maximum possible return of a trixie bet. This means you’ll see how much money you can expect to win if all three selections are accurate. If you set your odds to decimal format, the calculations for your other combinations are easy enough. A double is simply calculated as:

Stake x Odds 1 x Odds 2

In the case of our example, the two shortest odds are 1.50 (Arsenal) and 1.73 (Bournemouth). This means any winning bet would return at least £6.48 from a £2.50 stake i.e. £10 total risk. 

If you wanted to manually work out your treble odds then it’s simply:

Stake x Odds 1 x Odds 2 x Odds 3

So, with that all considered what does the entire trixie bet look like in a scenario where all the bets come in? Let’s find out:

A treble – Bournemouth, Tottenham and Arsenal to win. £2.50 stake returns £16.20

Double 1 – Bournemouth and Tottenham to win. £2.50 stake returns £10.80

Double 2 – Bournemouth and Arsenal to win. £2.50 stake returns £6.48.

Double 3 – Tottenham and Arsenal to win. £2.50 stake returns £9.38

That’s a potential haul of £42.86; significantly better than the £16.20 on offer from a straight treble.

Does a trixie have to be placed on match result bets?

No. That’s the quick answer. We’ve chosen to cite match result bets in our example as almost everyone who has ever bet before will know what that market is. If you wanted to you could place a trixie bet on a BTTS bet, you could do so on an over 2.5 goals wager and so on. You could even mix and match by placing a BBTS bet, an over 2.5 goals bet and a match result bet.

There are a couple of things to be aware of that aren’t eligible for a trixie though:

You can’t make multiple selections on the same game i.e. a BTTS bet, an over 2.5 goals bet and a home win for the same fixture won’t be eligible for a trixie.

You can’t combine selections from different sports.

There you have it, now you’ll never ask the question ‘what is a trixie bet?’ again.

Bet safe and good luck.

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