Sandra Zouma: Who is Kurt’s wife?

Rewind to February 2022 and Sandra Zouma was plastered across all forms of media for all the wrong reasons owing to the actions of her husband, footballer Kurt Zouma. That snippet of her life, however, doesn’t remotely tell the full story of who she is or what she stands for. Here we aim to paint her in a fairer light as we answer the question ‘who is Sandra Zouma?’.

So, who is Sandra Zouma?

Sandra Zouma is best known for being the wife of Kurt Zouma. Nowadays, Kurt is amongst the strongest centre backs in the Premier League as he turns in towering displays at the heart of West Ham’s defence but he really shot to fame when the legendary Jose Mourinho brought him to Chelsea for a fee of £12m. That was back in 2014 meaning he played alongside the legendary John Terry. Prior to that, Zouma was plying his trade in France for Saint-Etienne.

Although Zouma joined the Saint-Etienne at the relatively tender age of 15-years-old, he actually met Sandra prior to that during his time with FC Vaulx-en-Velin; they’re a lower league French club based in Lyon. That means that Sandra and Kurt have been together for well over 10 years with the couple having celebrated their tin (10 year) wedding anniversary this year. To save you the trouble, that would have made Kurt just 19 at the time of the marriage with Sandra two years his senior.

The Zouma family

Kurt and Sandra might have been married for a decade but they’re not alone – far from it in fact. They pair have five children in total – Shanna, Sihame, Sanaa, Ryan and Kais. Although Kurt – and Sandra – have taken a couple of their kids onto the football pitch at the end of season lap of honour in the last, they generally attempt to keep a low profile and out of the limelight. That has largely been done, however, in early 2022 a video went viral on social media that brought shame on the family. Kurt Zouma had kicked and harassed their pet cat in front of some of their children.

The car kicking incident blew up massively causing the Zouma’s to come in for heavy criticism from both animal and children charities owing to the obvious abuse of the feline but also the fact the incident had occurred in the presence of a child. What further embarrassed Zouma was news of Sandra’s job breaking.

Sandra Zouma works as a project manager for Seed. Seed are a French charity, which are partnered with some of the biggest football players in the world including Paul Pogba, that specialise in education in Africa – a continent that holds a large part in Sandra and, particularly, Kurt’s heart.  As part of that education, animal welfare forms a significant element of what they preach and teach. The cat scandal left significant egg on the face of Sandra despite the kick being her husband’s action.

What else do you need to know about Sandra Zouma?

Whilst Kurt Zouma has strong links to Africa owing to his parents, Guy and as yet an unnamed mother, emigrating to France from the Central African Republic, it is believed that Sandra was born and raised in France. She attended public school and, along with Kurt, is a practising Muslim with the pair making a pilgrimage to Mecca a few years ago.

With a long established relationship – including several children, strong religious beliefs and a bucket load of charity work under her belt, it’s fair to say Sandra Zouma is far more than the wife of ‘the footballer who kicked a cat’.

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