Messi on Football Index: To buy or not to buy?

Whether you’re new to FI or an experienced trader it’s hard not to get excited when you see a price booming and dividends rolling in. It’s even harder to ignore when the man on the up is Lionel Messi. Just because he looks to be leaving Barcelona though doesn’t make investing a no brainer. Here we look at what to consider when considering whether or not to buy Messi on Football Index.

Stating the obvious of Messi on Football Index

Let’s start off with the blatantly obvious. Messi is one of the two best players plying his trade in the game today. He’s been at the top for a long time and, as a result, he’s regularly talked about in the press resulting in media dividends and his genius on the pitch sees him rake in his fair share of performance dividends.

That’s going to be sucking eggs for most readers. A better explanation of his dividend pull is to translate it into cash terms. Just two weeks ago the Barcelona man was priced at £4.91. During the last campaign – the 19/20 season – he earned £1.23 in PB with a further £1.18 of media pay outs. That doesn’t include his recent dominance and still gives you a 49% return.

The obvious answer might be to jump on the bandwagon now even though he’s already climbed to £7.83. It seems logical enough. He’s a dividend machine who is hogging headlines more than ever before and the possibility of a Premier League move is on the horizon too. Media points galore await and all at a time when the pay outs have just increased. Hold that thought though; a Messi investment is far from risk free at this point.

Going massive on Messi isn’t necessarily a masterstroke

Right, let’s get into the potentially controversial side of this article. Firstly, he’s not out of Barcelona yet. His head might be, his heart too but facts are facts. At this moment in time, everything suggests a big sum of money is the only thing that will force the Barca board into letting him leave. An exit could still come though. If it’s to Man City then you’d be quids in. If it’s Ligue 1 giants PSG then I’d wager you’d find his price would drop or at best hold. You would be rolling in divs though so it wouldn’t be an utter disaster. There has been outside talk of a move to the US though. True, it feels unlikely but his price would tank if that came true.

What’s the most likely outcome at the moment? Probably, an unwanted stay at Barcelona. That’s an opinion rather than me being in the know but it is one that’s widely shared across the reporting spectrum. Ronald Koeman might talk him round, he’d be the star man again. Once again, your investment would be sound.

The flip side is that Messi might opt not to play, that’s something that becomes much more of a possibility if his release clause triggers a legal case. Then what have you got? A few media wins are guaranteed. He might move on in 12 months’ time and light the Prem up then. That said, he’ll be 34 by then. Pep Guardiola might be gone from the Etihad. The move he wants now might not exist.

A closing thought

I’m not telling you to invest or not. I understand both sides of the coin when it comes to the magician that is Messi on Football Index. All I’m asking is that you weigh things up properly because whilst it’s completely plausible you’ll exit with a profit there are twists and turns galore ahead in this madness and going big on Messi isn’t necessarily the best use of funds for the long haul. So, there you have it, a potentially divisive read. In general terms, he’s quite possibly the GOAT but Messi on Football Index…what do you think?

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