Fortunes from Football – What’s it all about?

The team at Fortunes from Football have an enormous passion for football. The intention behind our site is to provide interesting, useful and free information on every aspect of the beautiful game. You’ll find a host of different content across our site. This content will range from football trading, betting, articles about net worth and nostalgic views on the past.

About us

Our team have over 15 years worth of experience in Sports Journalism, Football Coaching and data analytics. The ambition behind fortunesfromfootball.com is to become a ‘go to’ resource for all things football be it how to make money, finding out how much money player X is worth or simply because you want to have a walk down memory lane.

The one thing we promise is that every piece of content on this site will always be based on our opinion. None of the links you see are placed to gain income through affiliate schemes. For our financial model to work, we want regular traffic to our site and blindly referring our readers to sign up for X, Y and Z simply for a quick buck isn’t what we think will help us achieve that.

Truth be told, we’re just an honest bunch that love football.

Football Trading

Football trading is a relatively new concept with FootballIndex the first to really launch a platform. This was in 2015. With a clear market for such platforms and a growing world of tech, more and more people want their slice of the football trading pie.

Fortunes from football aim to publish reviews on most operators in this market, however, most ‘tips’ articles are linked to FootballIndex. The reason for this is because, at present, they’re the market leader in this sector. Also, the majority of those ‘tips’ articles focus on player profiles, which will prove useful for nearly all trading platforms as well as interesting for football fans in general.

Check out our football trading pages here.

Football Betting

We’ll keep this brief. We love having a dabble with both wild and well considered bets. That said, we actually enjoy the research side and the pleasure of that gut feel being right come the end of a match. We also know that – with the exception of one or two strategies – you cannot guarantee a return regardless of your knowledge.

For that reason, we don’t provide betting tips in the sense of “bet on Team A to beat Team B”. Instead, we want to educate our readers about the terminology, the available bet types and different strategies you can follow for longer term success.

Check out our football betting pages here.

Net Worths

Why do Fortunes from Football write about the net worth of different individuals? The total honest answer to this question is because it’s well documented how much money is in football nowadays and we have writers who enjoy looking into where that wealth a) comes from and b) goes. 

We also believe it shows those in the game in a better light than most of what is reported in mainstream media. Most of the people we profile are well educated and caring people who do a lot for their local communities without much recognition.

The fact we – and plenty of our readers – are nosy is just a massive bonus. 

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The nostalgia section of our website is the easiest to explain. We love football. Our readers love football. So, why not write about football.

Check out our nostalgia articles here.