Daily Rolling Accumulator: What are they?

If you’re active on social media then it’s highly likely you’ve seen people taking part in £10 to £10,000 challenges – or similar. These challenges are based around using a daily rolling accumulator. Here we look at exactly what daily rolling accumulators are and whether they’re worth doing.

So, what is a daily rolling accumulator?

Well, first things first, let us be clear, a daily rolling accumulator has absolutely nothing to do with a traditional accumulator bet. Instead the bettor focuses on placing a single bet. If that bet wins, the next day they place their winnings on another single bet; this process continues with your stake growing for every winning bet you place until you either stop content with your overall winnings or you lose it all.

An example of how a daily rolling accumulator works

So, let’s say that you have £10 you want to bet with and are, for the purposes of keeping things simple, you wish to turn it into £100.

You could go for an ambitious 9/1 shot but in all likelihood you’d lose your £10. Alternatively, you could place a range of more modest bets at say 4/7; these bets would net you a profit of £5.71 for each. Now, most people will place a bet of this nature and then continue to bet with a £10 stake whilst, probably, staking the £5 profit on something more risky.

Well, in a daily rolling accumulator the betting process would unfold as below. (Please note, the odds can vary day to day but we’ve kept them consistent here for ease of understanding):

Bet 1. £10 stake at odds of 4/7 = £15.71 return (this includes your initial stake)

Bet 2. £15.71 stake at odds of 4/7 = £24.69 return

Bet 3. £24.69 stake at odds of 4/7 = £38.80 return

Bet 4. £38.80 stake at odds of 4/7 = £60.97 return

Bet 5. £60.97 stake at odds of 4/7 = £95.81

If you’re not a fan of fractional odds you can always use an online calculator to ensure you stay on the right page.

Why do people place daily rolling accumulator bets?

The answer to this question is quite simple; daily rolling accumulator bets allow you to build up big returns fairly quickly from a reasonably small initial investment.

The above example demonstrates this very well; after just five bets following the daily rolling accumulator methodology you’re almost at the £100 mark despite betting at an ‘odds on’ level. If you’d continued with a £10 stake each day, you’d only be sitting on £28.55 profit as opposed to £85.81; that’s a difference of £57.26 or a percentage increase of over 200%.

Should you be using daily rolling accumulator bets?

The truth is whether or not you want to take on a daily rolling accumulator is completely up to you. There are a couple of key notes to take away that might help inform your decision making though; these will ultimately come down to your mentality as a person and a punter.

If you start with a modest £10 stake, which most people betting would be reasonably happy to lose (although we’d rather not), then you can look at it and say no matter what happens down the line you’ve only lost £10 because it is the only balance that’s ever seen your bank account. Equally though, if you get a bet or two or three in that money is as good as yours so the question is are you happy to gamble with that level of finance? A loss can arrive at any time, after all.

Our tip would be that if you’re interested in trialling a daily rolling accumulator that you do so whilst banking an element of what you win; that way even if/when you lose, you’ll walk away with something.

A quick FAQ to close

What is a rolling accumulator?

A rolling accumulator is a common bet type amongst the new generation of bettors. To complete a rolling accumulator you roll over the winnings from one bet to become the stake in the next. This continues until you take your winnings or lose.

Do the bets placed in a rolling accumulator have to be singles?

No. Most people use single bets as they’re more likely to win on a consistent basis but doubles, trebles, accumulators or even more complex multiples like trixies etc. The chances of winning will likely drop with these methods though.

There you have it, a look at a daily rolling accumulator. Remember only ever bet what you can afford to lose, bet safe and enjoy!

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