Arat Hosseini: The six-year-old with the world at his feet 

Who is Arat Hosseini?

Arat Hosseini is a six-year-old lad that was born in Iran but now resides in the backyard of England’s reigning Premier League champions, Liverpool, after multiple offers to leave Iran, which began to roll in when Hosseini was just 13 months old. 

The youngster has quickly become an internet sensation after his father, Mohammad, who has helped to coach his naturally gifted son, started posting videos of his exploits with a football. As a result, his following on Instagram has exploded at breakneck speed with the ‘mini Messi’ now sitting on 4.2 million followers with Lionel Messi even reaching out to his admirer.

How good is he?

For his age? Out of this world. Forgetting he’s just six-years-old? He’s still insanely good. His videos, which aren’t limited to just football, show him displaying high levels of agility, explosive speed and strength and, of course, ridiculous skills with a football be it juggling, tricks, volleys and so on. 

It really is hard to put into words just how talented the boy is, so have a look for yourself:

Is he signed to an academy?

At this moment in time, Hosseini is not signed to an academy, however, he is training with Liverpool. The reason that hasn’t been formalised into a signed contract is purely based on difficulties with Hosseini’s young age. 

Hosseini senior spoke with Varzesh3, an Iranian sports publication, recently and confirmed that the Merseyside club are desperate to keep his son. They reportedly reached out to his dad when Manchester United and Arsenal expressed an interest in bringing his son in for talks and trials. 

The Reds might need to sort something soon though because his profile is growing all the time and if Barcelona come calling he might jump ship for it is his most desired destination.

Will he make it to the big time?

This is the question that is perhaps a dose of reality for a child that has been living a dream up to now. There have been many wonderkids over the years who come backed with a lot of hype but ultimately fail to make the grade. Hosseini is an incredible talent but whether that translates into him making it as a professional footballer depends on an awful lot namely attitude, remaining grounded and, as any pro will tell you, a slice of luck too.

His dad seems to have his head screwed on though and despite promoting his son heavily on the internet, he isn’t looking to bank cash off the circus that is building. If that continues, he’s got one hell of a chance.

There you have it, the short story of Arat Hosseini. He has plenty more chapters to write but it might be a name you want to remember.

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